Old photos are a window into the past---it's interesting to look at them, and think back on where we were, and what we were doing, when they were taken. Below are just a few pictures from my time as a bus driver and supervisor for AC Transit.

How time flies.

This is me in 1981 or so.  I was the designated driver for a couple of photographers.  Their task?  To take photos with an AC Transit bus in the foreground, and some recognizable Bay Area landmarks in the background.  We went up to Joaquin Miller Road, and the guys took pictures of the bus against a backdrop of the San Francisco Bay and skyline. When we got back to the bus yard in Emeryville, they asked me to strike a pose from my driver's seat.  This is harder to do in a bus seat than you might think...but it was a fun afternoon.

Some people are simply not born to wear short hair

This is me in around 1984. I was one of 5 bus drivers who were chosen to do a photo shoot as part of a campaign to entice people to come to work for AC Transit.  Our individual photos were blown up and plastered on the sides of the buses, along with our comments in quotes.  There was also one group photo of the 5 of us, which also was blown up and affixed to the buses.  I took no end of teasing from the other drivers for my comment about the money.  Passengers got the biggest kick out of riding with one of us, especially when we were driving one of the buses with our picture on it!

My Supervisor Class

This is my Supervisor class (1989).  Only one is still an active employee.  As you see, there were 7 men and me.  When I promoted into Supervision, I had driven a bus for 12 years, so I knew most of these guys pretty well.  By the time training was over, we all knew one another very well.  Some of us were in radio room training when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit.  Somewhere, I have a tape of myself calling the Highway Patrol, and being told that there were unconfirmed reports that the Bay Bridge had collapsed.  The call screens in the radio room were full of emergency alarms from bus drivers.  I had a vision of buses falling into the Bay like lemmings over a cliff, and I feared that many friends and co-workers were injured,or worse.  Supervisors and drivers did some amazing things that evening and night.  People had to be ordered to go home, or I think some would have worked until they collapsed.  Talk about on-the-job emergency response training!