Well, this has been an eventful couple of weeks!  I found out late last week that I am being endorsed by AFSCME, Local 3916.  Not wanting to lose any time, I issued an immediate press release.  Below is the text that I sent out:

Nancy Skowbo Endorsed by AFSCME for AC Transit Board, Ward Three

The 250-member AFSCME unit representing planners, supervisors, administrative personnel and managers at AC Transit endorsed Nancy Skowbo for Ward 3, with over 61% of votes via internet survey.  The current incumbent, Elsa Ortiz, received only 15% of the votes, finishing behind "none of the above" as well as Skowbo.

"AFSCME knows better than anyone else what needs to be done to rescue AC Transit from its present problems, and I greatly appreciate their endorsement," said Skowbo.

AC Transit, beset by financial issues, labor strife, layoffs and service cuts, is in need of clear and strong leadership.  Nancy Skowbo recently retired after 33 years of working at everything from bus driver to supervisor to planner to deputy general manager, and now seeks to provide leadership as a member of the AC Transit Board.

She is endorsed by community and labor leaders, including former AC Transit Board members Dolores Jaquez and Joe Bischofberger.

Besides the above, I have been walking my shoes off, door-knocking in precincts in all 3 cities that are included in Ward 3.  It's 89 degrees as I write this, and I am about to head to yet another precinct in about a half hour. 

I feel like I'm repeating myself (likely because I AM repeating myself), but it is so affirming to speak to riders and other citizens, and to hear how they value AC Transit and their bus service.  I think about growing up in Cupertino, which had a paltry 3 buses per day when I was growing up.  I moved to Berkeley in 1974, and  I was overjoyed to find that I could take the bus to school, to movies, to the grocery store, to my friends' houses...I could even take the bus to San Francisco, which was completely amazing!  Of course, the local fare back then was 25 cents, and I could ride to San Francisco for 60 cents!  I began working for AC Transit in 1977 (and some time I will write about how different it was, going from graduate school to driving a bus throughout the greater East Bay), but I have never lost my appreciation for bus transportation, and how much it means to a community!

I don't think the temp. is going to drop much between now and 5pm, and so I will end this missive and hop into my billboard truck and do some door-knocking!

My Billboard Truck

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