I'm a little late to talk about the Alameda County Labor Day Picninc & Barbecue.  Anyway, it happened, on Labor Day, too,  as you might expect.  Lots of speakers, lots of politicians and candidates.  There were several themes, like JOBS JOBS JOBS, and VOTE VOTE VOTE.  Several speakers mentioned the "1 Hour for Power" campaign---the idea is that if every union member in Alameda County volunteered for just 1 hour to help elect candidates who are supportive of working families, that would make a significant difference in fixing the economy!

I continue to be impressed with what I learn every day on this campaign.  I'm discovering organizations I hadn't heard of before---one of these is the Oakland Parents Literacy Program (OPLP).  I have a long-standing interest in education, and earned a teaching credential fto teach secondary (high school) English in the early 80's.  At some point, I know I will be back in the classroom, but in the short term, I am going to learn more  about OPLP and other worthy organizations.  That is, I'll be doing that in and around my campaign efforts.  Look for me in the Ward 3 neighborhood.  My team and I will be wearing T-shirts with a schematic of Ward 3 on the back, so we'll be easy to spot!
Claudia Hudson, ATU 192 President
Mark Williams, Candidate, AC Transit Ward 4

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