I am so new at this political stuff.  I'm scheduling appointments and talking to as many elected officials as possible.  Even though they are unlikely to endorse me (one of the bonus prizes for running against an incumbent) , they are very generous with their opinions.  It is pretty time-consuming, on another level.  And there is a lot of sitting involved.  Also writing. 

A couple months ago,this was just a notion; now I'm off into it...  Heck, a couple months ago, my daughters and I were careening across the south in our aptly named "Southern States Tour."  It was 97 degrees pretty much everywhere we went, except inside the hotels, where it was chilly.  Except for the hotel in Nashville, where the lobby and halls were bizarrely hot, while our room was cool.  The poor desk clerks got no relief from the heat outside.

But now we're back in Oakland, and I'm running for the Board.  Strange, strange world. 

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